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Experience the Best Outdoor Group Fitness Training in Tucson with SOUL Fitness.

SOUL Fitness is proud to be an industry leader in outdoor group fitness training in Tucson, Arizona.

Our classes are designed to be energetic, motivating, and effective. We pride ourselves on offering unique and creative workouts that are guaranteed to keep you engaged and challenged, no matter your fitness level.

Every. Single. Time.

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What is SOUL Fitness?

Here at SOUL Fitness we want to help you achieve your goals through optimal balance and mindful motivation.


Our workouts are programmed to be fun and effective to balance your BODY, MIND and SOUL.


I don’t know who I would be without Soul Fitness, I’m so lucky to have joined this program at only 14 years old because I was able to grow up with positive people and install good habits in me from a young age. This program has pushed me physically and mentally and I will never forget it.


This program is great! Randy Brown and all of the Soul Fitness coaches are awesome. I’ve unsuccessfully tried for years to lose weight and get in shape. Thanks to Soul Fitness, I have a renewed dedication and determination. I’ve lost over 20 pounds, reduced my body fat by more than 10%, and lost over 4 inches around my waist! And, it was done the proper way - with good nutrition and exercise.

One of my favorite things about Soul Fitness is you are working out as a team. Everyone is working together on a common goal of living a healthier lifestyle. Mind. Body. And Soul. You are given motivation and challenged with each workout! Train with us, laugh with us, grow with us!

I am grateful to be a part of such an amazing, life-changing program. We only get one body, one mind and through this program, I am able to take the best care of both.

Inspiration. Motivation. Accountability. Tough love. Compassion. Dedication. Fun! Are all things you cannot get with any other program. When I first started and was on my 4th week, I had more support from all these great coaches than anyone I’ve ever met. They work as hard you do and truly stay by your side every step of the way to make sure you’re doing your best.


Optimal Balance.

People underestimate the role that mindset and mentality play in our health and fitness.

At SOUL Fitness, we make it a priority to incorporate balance into our personal training program. Equally devoted to body, mind, and soul; always begin the journey with the end in mind.

Mindful Motivation.

Your coaches will help kickstart your positive motivated mindset while your TEAM will encourage you to push past your limits!


This combination gives you the push you need to go above and beyond, for YOU, and to take back the control and reach your goals!


We understand how difficult it is to get in shape. We also understand how difficult it can be to STAY in shape. All of us at SOUL Fitness have been through those challenges too.


Through years of experience and personal science, experimentation, and studying cutting-edge research; we have uncovered many different ways to help YOU achieve the life you've always wanted.

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