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Why SOUL Fitness Works

We have been a part of the Tucson community for 10+ years and have helped thousands of people find their optimal life balance.

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Our program is constructed to connect all aspects of health. Body, Mind and SOUL in order to not only perform well during workouts but in everyday life.

Leaders in outdoor group fitness on lear
Leaders in Outdoor Group Fitness Training & Peak Performance

Our coaches are experienced in many ways, but what separates us is that each coach has been through this journey as well. Every coach that you will work with is a certified trainer, but also has learned the process from being in the program first. We have worked with people of all ages and abilities and are proud to be able to say “I’ve been there”. We are constantly researching new trends to bring you the best and newest in the industry.

Sustainable Training

We specialize in training that combines strength, flexibility, cardio and intervals to provide an effective full body workout. We believe that exercise should be something that is sustainable and can be done lifelong. The workouts are consistently evolving to keep your body guessing so you can continue to lose weight and gain muscle. We offer this sustainable training in an outdoor group fitness training setting and one on one personal training setting.

The SOUL Family

We are more than just a place you go to workout. We are a community. A family.  We celebrate each others wins and lift each other up when we are struggling. Our team provides a positive, non-judgmental environment for anyone who simply wants to be happy and healthy. We take pride in being a small, locally owned business that has a personal touch like no other. You matter here and your team will always ensure that TOGETHER, EVERYONE, ACHIEVES, MORE.

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