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Great fitness options.

We offer services that range from personal training to outdoor group fitness; nutrition coaching to motivational coaching; cold therapy to yoga; compression therapy to percussion therapy to 4D massage; red light therapy to Cryo T-Shock™, and Styku 3D Body Scan.


 We've got something for everybody so come get yours today, and ask us about the SOULfit Ranch!

Our Services


With services like Group Fitness Training, Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching and Life/Empowerment Coaching, Cold Therapy, Red Light Therapy, Cryo T-Shock™, Yoga, Compression Therapy, Percussion Therapy, 4D Massage, and Styku 3D Body Scan; we can help you design your ultimate customized health and wellness plan. 


Group Fitness Training

We specialize in Group Fitness Training which combines strength, flexibility, cardiovascular training and intervals. We believe that exercise should be sustainable and can be done lifelong.

Our workouts are structured to include intervals with high intensity followed by low intensity recovery. This allows us to increase cardiorespiratory fitness and build strength — all in one workout!

Personal Training

Looking to go the extra mile? Our personal training sessions are for any and all who are looking to build lean muscle mass.


 60 minute dedicated sessions with you and your trainer allow you to focus on building muscle and strength in areas that may need some extra attention.

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Nutrition Coaching

At SOUL Fitness, one of our many sayings is, “75% nutrition, 25% exercise", because we know just how important nutrition is when it comes to reaching our fitness goals.

With all the different information available out there, it's no wonder why so many people are confused and frustrated when shifting their eating habits! 


We use cutting-edge behavioral science and nutrition research to bring YOU the best nutrition coaching possible, 6 days a week, every week. 


Styku™ 3D Body Scan

Have you been putting off that trip to the doctor? Now there’s a way to measure your health risks and track your progress at the SOULfit Ranch.

Our state-of-the-art Styku™ 3D body scanner allows you to visualize your health and fitness like never before. Compliment your workout routine with regular health screens that use the latest technology in 3D body scanning to track your body fat, muscle, and other body composition changes.



Are you longing for zen in your life? Maybe you want to explore a different variety of methods to maintain your health and fitness. Whatever your goal; our Outdoor Group Yoga sessions will help you reach that next level and unlock your inner peace.


 We practice Vinyasa; linking breath and movement to flow through postures. Our Vinyasa flow is about harmony and balance, grace and fluidity; we move and notice how we are moving and what moves us. 

Red Light Therapy

Our PlatinumLED™ Red Light Therapy panels help speed up your body's natural healing process by combating food, exercise, and environmentally induced cellular inflammation. They also prevents premature aging by stimulating collagen production — so you'll look and feel younger!

When you are exposed to red light and near infrared light, the mitochondria inside the cells of your body respond by making extra ATP - an energy carrying molecule which gives your body more energy to use. ATP also signals your body to produce anti-oxidants, destroy unhealthy cells, and create new cells! 

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Cold Therapy

Ever suffer from aches, pains, and inflammation? Want to melt fat, tighten and tone your skin? Looking to speed up your post-workout recovery? Whatever your ailment; our XL Cold Plunge bathtub provides all the solutions you've been searching for. 


​ Cold therapy burns fat and immediately activates surrounding fat to burn calories at rest — all while tightening and toning your skin, and managing pain. It improves the quality of your sleep, and boosts your mood and mental clarity as well. Talk about healing your mind, body, and SOUL!

Dry Sauna 

A Dry Sauna a day keeps the Doctor away! From aiding in detoxification to improving your immunity, saunas have many health benefits that are endless. Especially useful during the winter season, it can increase circulation, prevent joint inflammation, and flush out oncoming cold and flu bacterias. ​


With these amazing health benefits, why wouldn't you want to book a session(s) with us? Schedule your session today!

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iREST 4D Massage Chair

Our state-of-the-art iRest 4D Zero Gravity Technology Massage Chair is equipped with 23 types of automatic massage programs, 5 levels of massage speed adjustment, 5 levels of massage intensity adjustment and 3 levels of airbag adjustment for all 48 airbags.


Whatever your ailment, aches and pains are — you will leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the world!

Cryo T-Shock™

Developed in Italy by Pagani; Cryo T-Shock™ is the ground-breaking non-invasive alternative to liposuction and CoolSculpting that destroys fat and cellulite while simultaneously firming, tightening, and toning your body. T-Shock can be used virtually anywhere. When used for facials; collagen and elastin production are increased, while pores, fine lines, and wrinkles are reduced significantly.

Cryo T-Shock™ body treatments melt and freeze away fat cells and cellulite while smoothing, toning, and tightening the skin. Results are quick, noticeable, and quantifiable; with patients losing .5 inches or more off their waist with just ONE session!

What about treatment accuracy? Our Adicell™ Contact Thermography plates allow us to see subcutaneous fat and cellulite so we can precisely locate, target, and treat all of your problem areas without any guesswork. 

A treatment is the first step towards the body you've always dreamed of. 


Compression Therapy

Compression therapy helps to improve athletic performance, helps to minimize delayed-onset muscle soreness, and reduces the risk of developing blood clots by moving the lymph around.


Our Normatec Pulse 2.0 Full Body Recovery System uses controlled pressure to increase blood flow in your arms and legs and also improves blood flow to the heart. The targeted pressure also supports your veins and decreases swelling. We have attachments for your arms, your hips & glutes, and your legs!

Experience the benefits of compression therapy today!

Percussion Therapy

Percussion therapy is a form of soft tissue manipulation that reduces muscle soreness and increases your range of motion by providing rapid bursts of pressure deep into your muscle tissue and fascia. Fascia is the name for the connective tissues that hold you together and allow your muscles to move seamlessly.


Percussion therapy also distributes thickened fascia fluid to relieve the pressure and tightness you feel. Repeated pressure at high speed thins the fluids, making the fascia more pliable so that your muscle can move more easily and efficiently.

Don't wait to experience comfort with either our Hypervolt 2.0 Pro or our Theragun Pro; book your percussion therapy session with us today!

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The Trifecta

Ready to take the plunge? When you combine our group fitness, personal training, and nutrition coaching you will skyrocket your progress and fast-track towards the life you've always wanted.


Ask us about our Trifecta Discount today and receive a discount on this life changing package!

Empowerment Coaching

Do you want more in life? Maybe from your career? Maybe you want to pick up new skills? Whatever it is you want, our empowerment/life coaching program can help you. Meet one-on-one with our Empowerment Coach, and learn how to overcome the obstacles that sit between you and your success!

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