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Kathleen Satoris

Certified Yoga Instructor; Vinyasa

As a yogi, I came to Soul Fitness indirectly. After belonging to my New York City yoga center and diving into yoga training over the past 14 years, I was “home”. It was my community, sanity and fitness. While remaining active in many physical activities, I left my “gym rat” exercise days that were disconnected, and not holistic.
Yoga feeds your body, mind and soul and the important bonds with yourself, others and the collective consciousness of nature and the universe. Yoga is a “practice” and not a destination.
I moved to Tucson from NYC in 2020. Without a new yoga home, and more stress in my life and the pandemic, I became ungrounded. I was less active and worried about my fitness and health which had always been quite good.
I just wanted a “jump start” with a little boot camp exercise, to get me going and then go about my business. I found Soul Fitness and committed to only 1 month.
My assumptions were turned upside down. Soul Fitness was not just top notch exercise and fitness,  it was holistic. The founder and leader, Randy Brown understands our well-being is multifaceted.  Similar to yoga, Soul Fitness is focused on overall health of our body, mind and soul connection.
Commitment, accountability and the quality within the program can enrich your life in many aspects and very similar to yoga. Physical results are amazing, yet taking care of all of you is a game changer. A particular benefit of yoga is increasing your mobility (balance and flexibility) which can make the aging process easier with better quality of life and independence.
I’m excited to give back and provide yoga classes, a truly complimentary aspect to the philosophy and many offerings of Soul Fitness.
Please take a new step with me and experience yoga as part of this wellness journey that is Soul Fitness.

Kathleen Satoris
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