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Krysti Lunk

Operations Manager/Chef

I started with Soul Fitness in October of 2023 with the mindset of just wanting to regain the muscle that I had lost during the pandemic. I quickly realized just how unhappy I was with my outward appearance and my mind was in a very dark place. Little did I know just how much Randy and his team would change my life forever!

I started with the group fitness classes and personal training once a week. 45 days later I stepped into the nutrition program and that’s when I really started seeing results and feeling better than ever! After going through a complete mind, body and soul change I realized that I wanted to become apart of the evolution that I saw happening everyday at Soul Fitness.

Being a trained chef, I wanted to bring that part of me to the table and that quickly evolved into something even more. I enjoy being a team player and bringing everything I can to help out. Now I can’t imagine life without Soul Fitness.

Krysti Lunk
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