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The Burpee Pull Up: An Intense Workout for Ultimate Fitness

burpee pull up
burpee pull up

If you're passionate about fitness, you've probably come across a myriad of exercises designed to improve your strength, agility, and endurance. One standout workout that's rapidly gaining popularity among fitness enthusiasts and CrossFit aficionados is the burpee pull up.

But what is a burpee pull up?

And how does it benefit you?

Let's break down the essentials and learn how to execute this dynamic, body-sculpting exercise.

What is a Burpee Pull Up?

The burpee pull up is a fusion of two well-established exercises: the burpee and the pull up. The burpee, originally named after its inventor, Royal H. Burpee, is a full-body exercise used in strength training and as an aerobic exercise.

On the other hand, the pull up is a traditional upper body exercise that primarily targets the muscles in the back, shoulders, and arms.

So, what happens when you combine these two power-packed exercises? You get the burpee pull up - an incredible full-body workout that not only hones your strength and endurance but also boosts your cardiovascular health.

How to Do a Burpee Pull Up?

The burpee pull up can seem intimidating, especially for beginners, but once you break down the sequence, it's not that formidable. Remember, like any other exercise, it's vital to maintain proper form and control to prevent injuries.

Here are the steps to execute a burpee pull up:

1. Start with a Burpee: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees and reach forward to place your hands on the ground. Kick your feet back in one swift movement to land in a push-up position. Lower your chest to the floor, then push yourself back up to the initial position.

2. Proceed to a Jump: Once you're back in the standing position, immediately follow it with an explosive jump, reaching up with your hands overhead.

3. Transition to a Pull Up: While in mid-air, grasp the pull-up bar and use your momentum to lift your body upwards until your chin is above the bar. Ensure your core is engaged, and your elbows are pulling down towards your hips.

4. Return to Start: Lower yourself down with control, release the bar, land softly, and then immediately proceed into the next burpee.

5. Repeat: Continue this sequence for as many reps as desired.

Burpee Pull Up and CrossFit

Given the immense benefits of this compound exercise, it's no wonder that the burpee pull up has found its way into the challenging world of CrossFit. The combination of the burpee's cardiovascular challenge and the pull up's muscle-building properties makes it a popular choice in many CrossFit workouts.

Incorporating the burpee pull up into your CrossFit routine can significantly enhance your strength, endurance, and coordination. Furthermore, this combination can help you break away from the monotony of traditional workouts, adding an exciting variation to your fitness routine.


The burpee pull up is an extraordinary exercise that offers a myriad of benefits. By incorporating this dynamic movement into your workout routine, you'll work multiple muscle groups, improve your cardiovascular health, and boost your overall fitness level.

As with any fitness regimen, remember to start slow, maintain proper form, and gradually increase your intensity as your strength and endurance improve. And of course, always listen to your body. With patience and perseverance, the burpee pull up might just become your new favorite exercise.

To achieve fitness goals, it's always beneficial to have professional guidance. That's where SoulFitness steps in. Whether you're learning complex moves like the burpee pull up or starting with foundational exercises, SoulFitness offers personalized programs tailored to your needs and fitness level. Their dedicated team not only helps build your physical strength but also nurtures your mental well-being, making fitness an enjoyable way of life.

So why wait? Incorporate the powerful burpee pull up into your fitness routine and experience the transformation with SoulFitness. Discover more about their services and how they can support your fitness journey at SoulFitness. After all, fitness is not just a goal; it's a lifestyle, and with SoulFitness, it becomes an exciting, rewarding journey.

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